July 20th is Japan’s HAMBURGER DAY!

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(hamburger-day in japanese kanji ) in Japan to commemorate the opening of the first McDonald’s back in the Dawn of History (1971).

Oh and yes…in Japan, Ronald McDonald’s name changed to “Donald McDonald*” and is often played by young women.
hamburger-day july 20

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hamburger-day july 20

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2 thoughts on “July 20th is Japan’s HAMBURGER DAY!”

  1. Just read the breathless copy via Google Translate of the new “World Mac” that was introduced in Japan this week.

    mac world foods

    Le GRAND
    The glutinous rice cake texture is to “ciabatta” new bread, beef and lettuce sandwiches of a Patty / 4 pound full of juicy gravy, tomato and mozzarella cheese crisp, seasoned with butter sauce was a deep rich. Rich flavor in the mouth is characterized by spread.

    Gold MASALA
    Wrap the chicken golden crisp and juicy with a mild curry sauce with honey to hide taste, further, seasoned with mayo chutney source of natural sweetness of apples, lettuce was sand together, and cheese. This is where you can eat delicious spicy burger weak in humans.

    Aussie DELI

    To “ciabatta” bread New, and then sand pork sausage and beef Patty of 1/4 pound full of juicy, juicy aroma of pepper become a habit, lettuce, and mozzarella cheese, mustard relish source of stimulation moderate the texture was sticky has been seasoned. Is characterized by a spicy flavor, is a luxury burger. To steam buns were plump, with plenty of sand…is a taste of Australian-born.

    Embiggen to 495×371 px.

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