M0aR!~ Japanese brainwave-reading cat ears

Last year we wrote about the early versions of Brainwave reading robotic cat ears, from Japan of course (3Yen / 5-6-2011) when they were first coming onto the Japanese market.
Now PeterPayne.net writes…
necomimi logo brainwave cat ears
necomimi girl brainwave cat ears

We Love Necomimi
J-List side blog: July 20, 2012

Necomimi brain-activated cat ears… constantly move this way and that as you wear them, sensing changes in your brain patterns and blood flow.

They really work too: when customers wearing them would come up to the oppai/breast (NSFW) mouse pads…[the customers’] electronic cat ears perk up sharply.

—Via J-List side blog: We Love Necomimi

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