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Japanese otaku paradise—Fembot Bar

Fembots, Japanese bikini robot girls, neon-clad sound trucks, cyber-fetishes, dancing bar maids, giant humanoid mecha sluts…What is there not to love about this new babe-bot bar in Tokyo?

den4 fembot email tip
fembot paradise

Den4, the 3Yen’s correspondent-at-large, has been demanding that I drag myself down to the fetid bowels of Shinjuku in the middle of this 36°C/97°F smog alert to make an exclusive video report, but for the time being enjoy the following…

Read more about the damp-dream of every drunk Japanese otaku at IO9.COM: Tokyo’s new Robot Girls Restaurant will bring out your inner cyber-fetishist.


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12 Responses to “Japanese otaku paradise—Fembot Bar”

  1. Smeggy Smurf Says:

    In case you haven’t heard, the Fembot Bar in old-fat-bald-lecher-salaryman Shinjuku is NOT an “otaku paradise.”

    Only Tokyo’s Akiba is paradise!

  2. Taro Says:

    Smeggy Smerf ejaculated:
    Only Tokyo’s Akiba is paradise!

    Ahhh, Akiba …the shortened form of Akihabara—the galactic geek district. 

    Why Akihabara Is An Otaku Paradise
    ...Akihabara… shortened to Akiba by local Tokyoites, this shopping district is a favorite subject for photographers due to its vivid color palette. At night, the area becomes a neon wonderland. In fact, it has inspired many films and novels – Ridley Scotts sci-fi classic “Blade Runner” is set in a universe that very much resembles a post-apocalyptic Akiba…
    ….So, Akiba is eye-catching, and easy to find. But the main reason this shopping district is like mecca for an otaku with interests in anime, manga, electronics, video games, collectibles and more is because it has so much to offer that caters directly to those niches or has rathermore

    akihabara is geek paradise for japanese otaku

  3. Den4 (via email) Says:

    LOL more…new_level_of_weirdness_in_japanese_restaurants

    (The Giant Fembot wiggles her tits at the 0:17 point of this YouTube.)

  4. Says:

    This is another reason why I wish Japan had won WWII.

  5. Taro Says: wrote:
    This is another reason why I wish Japan had won WWII.

    Japan would have won WWII… if they had m0aR FEMBOTS!

  6. Massive Ordnance Penetrator Says:

    DUDE! You didn’t mention that they claim to have spent 100 oku 100 oku yenyen—$130,000,000 USD to create these spastic Fembots and neon infested bar (that alone has gotta be depressing).

  7. NPT (Nocturnal Penile Tumescence) Says:

    I for one welcome our giant, bar-tending, Fembot overlords.

  8. ShaikhShaikh Says:

    This hard-core otaku born around the time the Beatles broke up and just after we started putting men on the moon. He’d probably say I don’t fit the definition, since I live a productive life and am not the hikky I once was, but the truth of the matter is I consume more anime and manga than ever before and have more merch than my place really has room for. And I know others who are doing the same. As far as I’m concerned, I’m not nearly halfway done yet, with any luck Looks like you’re well on your way. Keep on otakkin' XDSukumizu FTW, too.

  9. Taro Says:

  10. Repent heathen Japan! Says:

    Where is your robot-god-jesus now Japan?

    japan robot god jesus

  11. Mr. T Says:


    Flying Japanese Girl
    Flying Japanese Girl, by tokyofashion, on Flickr

  12. ikedahirari's Tumblr Says:

    dog glitter shoes
    the huge, original, 1280×1845px photo at ikedahirari’s Tumblr (Google Translate): said-openDog glitter shoes—Cute! I definitely want to go here1! said-closed

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