The AWESOMENESS — Japan’s Olympic Pope hats

The Japanese pope hat must the traditional way to say, “Japan awesomeness,” right?

japanese pope hats_animated
The reason
why the Pope hat looks so beat to shit is(3Yen / 2010-06-17)

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7 thoughts on “The AWESOMENESS — Japan’s Olympic Pope hats”

  1. I bet you didn’t know that the Pope is carried a new style of Olympic torch for the London 2012 Olympics, did you?

    pope new olympic torch
    Hey Taro! Pplease insert my photo, ok?

  2. Shaunie’s pink suit & shoes are adorable. Evelyn’s outfit was cute & I loved her hair. Jen’s jumpsuit was cute but a bit baggy in the crotch. R0yce, I d0n’t kn0w. The others, no c0mment. lol

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