Cropping up

Odd things seem to be cropping up in the rice paddies as harvest time nears…

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8 thoughts on “Cropping up”

  1. Back at my home island of Shikoku, Nagoro Village has more life-sized dolls than humans…

    Creepy or cool? Village of life-sized dolls in Nagoro, Japan / 2013-06-21
    HIDDEN in a remote area of Japan is a village where the number of life-sized dolls outweigh the human population.
    The mysterious Nagoro village in the Iya Valley is little-known and untouched. It’s situated on Shikoku Island, the smallest of Japan’s four main islands.
    Nagoro is home to just 51 people, and over 150 dolls that resemble former residents. Each doll represents a person who has moved away or died.
    The dolls are created by local woman Mizuki Ayona using straw, rags and old clothes, and are lined up around the town. One doll is placed in the abandoned school, after its last student diedmore


    dolls nagoro village shikoku scarecrow
    Nagoro Village has more life-sized dolls than humans.

  2. The Valley of the Dolls (Nagoro Village)scarecrow-village

    Valley of Dolls from Fritz Schumann on Vimeo. Valley of Dolls on Vimeo by Fritz Schumann

    Japanese village is inhabited by scarecrows 2015/03/16
    Life-size dolls dot the landscape, arranged as though they're doing field work. Childlike versions fill a now-abandoned school. A pack of the dolls waits for a bus at a rundown stop. And a pair of them stand at the village's entrance, next to a sign declaring "Scarecrow Village" ...more...


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