Minnie Mouse House … only in Japan

Last night, the 3Yen’s crack reporter, Den4, thought he had uncovered the top secret location of Hello Kitty’s house saying (3Yen / 2012-08-10) that it

left-quoter_44x68Looks like Oh Hell Kitty House.right quoter
like oh hell kitty house

Actually, that photo was Minnie Mouse’s house in Toontown* of Walt Disney World’s Kingdom, in Orlando, Florida. Den4’s photo was taken at a stretched, unrealistic angle. Minnie’s house used to look like this

minnie mouse house

*I said, “used to look like this,” because Orlando’s Toontown was torn down last year to make room for the expansion and renewal Fantasyland (etckt.com/2011/02/13/toontown-no-more).


But wait! Not to fear. That’s not the end of the story.

Tokyo Disneyland still has Toontown, and it has an even cuter Minnie Mouse house!

Minnie House Tokyo Disneyland
Minnie House Tokyo Disneyland

Minnie’s House
tokyodisneyresort.co.jp | Tokyo Disneyland

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7 thoughts on “Minnie Mouse House … only in Japan”

  1. This once again proves that Japan is better than America!

  2. Your poster girl does not seem to have a humanly-possible physique, so perhaps she is some sort of of spawn of Kitty???

  3. Well, whomever made it for the demotivational posters prolly did some photoshopping to make it more mutie like….

  4. It’s Photoshopping alright, but done well.
    If it wasn’t for the fact that her biceps are nearly the same diameter as her waist, I’d be in love.

  5. More bad news…

    Tokyo Disneyland Stopped Selling Balloons! …And You’ll Never Guess Why
    RocketNews24 | 2012/11/23
    Starting from November 21, Tokyo Disneyland suspended all sales of balloons within the park.  The official reason as stated on the Tokyo Disneyland site is because of “supply difficulties related to the raw material put into the balloons.”
    Because of the high demand for helium {medical and high-tech uses} the rapid depletion of helium reserves, the price continues to rise steadily by an average of 6.9% each year.

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