Japanese education has more fun

You first heard about wacky, life-size, Japanese sex ed dolls here on 3Yen waaay back in 2005. Here’s a new bit of fun I spotted in a “mook” (Japanese-English for magazine-book).
banana protection
Now take a closer look at the teacher “supervising” this sex education class.
laughing teacher pedobear looking on

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7 thoughts on “Japanese education has more fun”

  1. Here’s another good photo showing a sex-ed class letting kindergaden kids role play being pregnant.


  2. Within no time, the frigid schoolmarm could feel the custard foaming from her poop chute and all over her clap flaps. The feeling of his love mayonnaise slobbering down her throat got her beige slime flowing quicker than a greased weasel shit. He cut a giant toilet twinkie on new teacher’s tatas just so he could suck it up like a bulldog eating porridge. The plowing of her brownie cutter was so vigorous, he soon found his chin pounders joining his clunger deep in her oxo orifice. He munched on her swollen budgie’s tongue, even though she’d had her redwings for the best part of a week.

  3. Miss Mavis Fritter wrote:
    …custard foaming from her poop chute and all over her clap flaps…

    Yikes, Miss Mavis! Could you dial that back a few notches?

  4. Harumph. Japanese warlords grit teeth in impotent fury as Supreme Leader Kim Jong-Un is once again proven to be the world’s master of education…sex education.

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