New ‘nano nano’ and ‘super mini’ mobiles spotted in Japan

The U.S. District Court’s verdict of August 24, against Samsung’s patent infringements on Apple’s iPhone has resulted in some good in terms of new designs. Today’s Japanese edition of the WWNews (Google Translate) reports that two new products that will be released this fall: Apple’s new “iPhone nano nano” and Samsung’s completing “GALAXY super mini” as shown below.

ipod nano vs samsung mini
WWNews | 2012-Aug-28

The WWNews went on to explain that at 0.8g the Apple’s “iPhone nano” is lighter than a 1 yen coin and a special bamboo toothpick (produced in Kyoto) is included for pressing the phone’s icons that are about 3mm square. However, the Samsung “GALAXY super mini” seems to have infringed Apple’s patent on the toothpick and Samsung use of a wooden stick with the GALAXY’s interface is likely to be disputed in court, ha, ha.

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