‘Getting off’ on Tokyo trains

Don’t you just hate it when you’re on the subway train and cannot “get off.”

metro manners in japanese
The above is the September edition of the Tokyo Metro Train Manners‘ poster series.
You can directly view the original, “unimproved” poster here at the Metro website.

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6 thoughts on “‘Getting off’ on Tokyo trains”

  1. Just for comparison…

    rude french in subway metro poster
    Paris subway operator RATP, shows a campaign poster in a Paris subway station…with a summer-long publicity campaign poking fun at gallic incivility.
    Poster reads: 'Shoving 5 people out of the way, will not make you go any quicker.'
    via KOMO News | AP Photo—Rude surprise: French fed up with own incivility

    Click on the photo to see it in its full-sized glory, 660 x 442px.

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