Batty brand of UNIQLO Japan

Like the lovechild of Lady Gaga and goofy Jim Carrey, Kyary Pamyu Pamyu is known for her ditzy, “daring” fashions and doofus antics*. Now Kyary has become UNIQLO’s new image character personification of “g·u.

batty girl

According to the good’n’goofy Google Translate of MSN/Sankei News (2012sep5) , Japan’s ultra-successful, low-cost, clothing company, UNIQLO (3Yen / 2010-04-16) , is aiming to expand its customer base, which has been mainly teens and to appeal to adult females up to the ancient age of 30 years.


The new separate “g·u. ” line is intended to bring a true fashion brand to UNIQLO. Refer to the Kyary’s official Fashion Monster—g·u. website for more details. Better yet, just watch the 15-second TV commercial below featuring Kyary hanging from the ceiling dressed as a vampire bat, or the longer 1:45 minute version in the Comments section.

WARNING: Turn down your volume—This video contains ultrasonic bat squeaking/singing.


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