a Victorian mansion located in the engrish countryside

Deep in the engrish countryside, this Victorian mansion is …
england japan victorian mansion
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Although it has the appearance of a Victorian mansion, this building is actually one of the old Biwa Canal’s a pumping stations. In 1895 the canal supplied Japan’s first public hydroelectric power generator.

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3 thoughts on “a Victorian mansion located in the engrish countryside”

  1. Geez Taro are you stalking me again? I was just there a few months ago.

    You didn’t mention the Roman aqueduct or the boat rail that links the upper and lower canal. The entire structure is a fascinating piece of Victorian engineering designed by Sakuro Tanabe who trained under Henry Dyer.

    A good account of the story of it construction can be found here.


  2. Dimwit wrote:
    Are you stalking me again?

    No, you are stalking me (with coincidences).
    •My home in the States is now in Colorado—My cabin looks down over the spot in the Roaring Fork River where the first generator was set up.
    •The Kyoto generator was copied and also used in Yokohama: I walked by it everyday on my way to work.
    •The original version of that Pelton wheel generator in Massachusetts mentioned in the coloradojijo.com story was designed my great grand uncle.

    ….in 1887, two years after the project was started, Tanabe stumbled on information that was to lead him to Colorado and change the entire nature of the Kyoto project. Kobu College was receiving various publications from the United States and Tanabe, thumbing through them, learned that a low dam had been built across a stream near Holyoke, Mass., to divert water into something called a Pelton wheel to generate electricitymore

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