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Street food flub

Roadside view of a tasty, tasty world
The Japan Times (book review) Sept. 9, 2012
The World’s Best Street Food – Lonely Planet, 2012, 224 pp., $19.99 (paperback)

Japan has only one measly entry—the ever-reliable takoyaki. After noticing an image of a hormon (beef or pork organ meat) stall gracing the top of the book cover (mistakenly listed as a takoyaki stall in the photo credits)


To understand how to get the best out of Japanese street foods, keep the following points in mind:
  • Shown in the above photo marked with two white question marks and an arrow:
Stay away from the hormon–grilled beef or pork offal that is never refrigerated, often for days. Generally, grilled hormon tastes like my dead grandpa’s tennis shoes soaked in a soy sauce swamp.
  •If you sit down at a street cart in the evening, you may pay through the nose since those carts have to pay 20,000+ yen per night to yakuza gangster for the privilege to park in front of the station.
  •Like all street food, sanitation is poor. A street vender who is serving with glasses and ceramic bowls never washes them with hot water–just a nasty quick rinse in bucket sitting in the gutter (Japan has the highest rate of h-pylori stomach infections in the developed world).
  •As the reviewer said takoyaki, octopus balls (3Yen / 2011-12-09) is an “ever-reliable” choice.
  •Yakitori–grilled chicken on a skewer is also good but be careful when buying an assortment of five sticks because one stick usually has a tough, inedible strip of pterodactyl skin and another stick will have rubbery chicken gizzards. Also watch out for the suzume—sparrow-on-skewer—their skulls are splintery and bitter.
skewered sparrow yakitori


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4 Responses to “Street food flub”

  1. MARKed TRAIL Says:

    We are “lucky” that nowadays in Japan, we don’t see yucky suzume/sparrow-on-stick very often because the Japanese have killed off (have eaten?) 60% of the sparrow population in the past 20 years.

    Explained in the following Asahi News story:

  2. Taro Says:

    “Grilled homo”: restaurant sign in Yamaguchi Prefecture

    charcoal-grilled-homoそして、今日一番笑ったやつ — かどやん (@ken_ken508046)’s twitter March 11, 2014

    The neon displaying grilled "HOMO" is supposed to read ホルモン Horumon, which is mangled engrish for "hormone" and pun on Kansai-ben word 放る物/"discarded goods." Japanese Horumon is grilled beef or pork offal.

  3. Taro Says:

  4. Durf Says:


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