‘Can a Robot Pass the University of Tokyo Entrance Exam?’

Todai” aka Tokyo University is considered Japan’s top university and it is well known for its onerous entrance exams. The exams for getting into Todai are so torturous that passing them generally kills the spirit of the “successful” students and turns them into drones and automatons. It is no wonder that Japan is trying to find a way to streamline the entire process by creating “Artificial Brains” that can pass the Todai entrance exam.

Fujitsu to Participate in Artificial Brain Project, “Can a Robot Pass the University of Tokyo Entrance Exam?”
Fujitsu press release | September 10, 2012
Fujitsu Laboratories and Japan's National Institute of Informatics (NII) today announced that, starting this fiscal year, Fujitsu Laboratories will participate in NII’s artificial brain project, known as “Can a Robot Pass the University of Tokyo (Todai) Entrance Exam?”, otherwise known as “Todai Robot”…
…was started in 2011 with the aim of once again bringing an integrated approach to research into artificial intelligence (AI), a field that had grown fragmented since 1980, as a way of opening new horizons. The goal of the project is to enable an artificial brain to score high marks on the test administered by the National Center for University Entrance Examinations by 2016, and to cross the threshold required for admission to Todai by 2021.

Yasutaro Mitsui with his steel humanoid of the early 1930s

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3 thoughts on “‘Can a Robot Pass the University of Tokyo Entrance Exam?’”

  1. We already have robots that do math. They’re called computers, hee, hee.
    Wouldn’t building better sexbots be a lot more profitable and what Japan really wants?

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