Black burgers…from Japan of course

The BLACK is bbbaaack!
The Darth Vader of Japanese hamburgers was spotted by the cool guys Burger King Japan’s “Premium KURO Burger” is Back in Black.

kuro burger king japan
kuru burger king japan press release black hamburger

Appears burger insane~! For a limited time–on sale Friday, Sept. 28th
“Premium KURO Burger”
(black burger)~!

According to Burger King Japan’s press release (PDF in Japanese):

[Giga-Goofy Goggle Translate] The most important feature of this hamburger that jumps into your eyes first is its black buns. Usually a brown color, these hamburger buns use a black buns.
Speaking of black, the ingredients include squid ink and to bring out the aroma of grilled beef patties bamboo charcoal is blended into the buns.
This Burger King Japan original sandwiches a paprika-ed beef patty (113g approx.) with tomato, pickles, fresh onion, lettuce, and mayonnaise sauce blended a squid ink and a garlicky ketchup seasoned with “blackish.”

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5 thoughts on “Black burgers…from Japan of course”

  1. Black burgers be bad but BLUE BURGERS be better?


    Details in English at Is This Blue Burger Amazing? Or Disgusting?

  2. Looks like [that blue-world burger] is copying Dennis Rodman’s father’s idea.

    Yes, Dennis Rodman’s father has been living in the Philippines since 1964.
    Yes, Dennis Rodman’s father makes (reputedly, pretty damn good) burgers in rainbow coloured buns.
    Yes, he named his shop Rodman’s Rainbow Obama Burger.
    Yes, Dennis Rodman’s father is named Philander.
    Yes, that is actually Philander Rodman Jr., so there is a history of philandering.
    Yes, he has carried on the philandering, with a brood of either 26 or 28 Philippino kids by various women.
    But most of all, yes, now we know why Dennis Rodman went all rainbow coloured with his hair.

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