Tokyo newest attraction: ‘Pachinko Station Gundam’!

An entirely new train station appeared overnight—“Pachinko Gundam Station”—Tokyo’s newest tourist attraction on the JR Ome Line in the Akishima distict according to the iPhone 5’s official Map app.


New iPhone’s default mapping software displays facilities at wrong sites
Mainichi News | 2012/09/22
iPhone 5 of Apple Inc. has been struggling to fix the popular smartphone’s new default iOS6 mapping application, which many users said was displaying some facilities at wrong places and had other errors…the new Maps app, developed by Apple itself, showed Hibiya High School on the premises of the Prime Minister’s Office in Tokyo, while the company “Daio Paper” appeared in an area that is actually Haneda Airport …more…

I guess the Japanese government plan to build Gundams (3Yen / 2012-06-27) has become a reality, ri-i-i-ight?
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gundum big gun and bigger balls
Rare view in the above photo is Gundam’s
dual-ball, base-mounted cannon—the secret
prototype of his “large mega PLEASURE particle gun x1.

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6 thoughts on “Tokyo newest attraction: ‘Pachinko Station Gundam’!”

  1. Hey, Apple’s new Maps Ap solved the China vs Japan islands problem.

    Apple maps disaster may solve China-Japan islands row
    Yahoo! News UK | Sept. 22, 2012
    The new smartphone, which has dumped Google Maps in favour of its own version, has been ridiculed for misplacing major landmarks, shifting towns and even creating a new airport.
    But amid a row over an outcrop of islands claimed by both Tokyo and Beijing, Apple's new iO6 software has provided a resolution of sorts.
    When a user searches for the Tokyo-controlled Senkaku islands in the East China Sea, claimed by Beijing under the name Diaoyu, two sets of the islands appear alongside each other.
    “The map has one set of islands for each country. Is this a message from Apple that we civilians must not get engaged in a pointless dispute?” one Japanese blogger wrote more


    Offline maps rule!
    Like you I have a WiFi-only iPad because there’s fuku-ing no way I am going to pay the fucktards at Softbank 5000yen/month (or even the discounters at 3700yen/m) to surf for LOL Cats and maps.
    Think about it: You don’t have to pay to see maps on your car’s GPS, so why should I pay $50/month to view maps on my iPad?

  3. “Japan uses a system of longitude and latitude that differs slightly from the global standard”– WTF!?~!?

    Apple Maps Errors Send Japanese to Homegrown App | September 24, 2012
    Mapion is one of Japan’s homegrown companies that is benefiting from Apple’s maps debacle, which has left local owners of the new iPhone 5 flummoxed over erroneous place names, long-outdated landmarks and train stations that appear to hover in the middle of the sea…Yasunori Yamagishi, who runs Mapion’s development team…
    the biggest problem with Apple’s map, Mapion’s Mr. Yamagishi said, is that much of its data appears to be drawn from OpenStreetMap Japan, a Wikipedia-like service that contains a lot of incorrect and outdated information.
    Moreover, Japan uses a system of longitude and latitude that differs slightly from the global standard, and Apple may have mixed up data sources that use the two systems, Mr. Yamagishi said.
    At certain points, the difference between the Japanese and international coordinate systems can come to as much as 450 meters (1,476 feet), according to Japan’s Land Ministry.

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