Return of the Japanese ‘Bagel Heads’

bagel heads boys japanese
Wa-a-ay back 2009 we reported on the ‘Bagelheads’— a Japanese trend just made up (3Yen / 2009-07-05) as shown on the left.

Now years later, National Geographic TV has showcased a so-called, “new trend in body modification…Bagel heads,” featuring the same Japanese guys promoting the idea of injecting saline solution into their foreheads to create a ravishing bagelhead shape.

bagel head threesome
bagel head japanese girl claps

The bagel head video segment shown above premiered last Sunday, September 23, on the NatGeo Channel in their new series called “Taboo.” For more info, check your TV listings.

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8 thoughts on “Return of the Japanese ‘Bagel Heads’”

  1. Leave it the the Daily Fail to be right on top of this “new” trend, sheesh.

    Bagel head trend: Are saline injections Japan’s most extreme beauty look yet?
    Daily Mail | 2012/09/25
    some people will take their 'bagel head' to clubs and fetish parties. The saline injections can be done on any part of the body – some people have even had 'scrotal infusions', he revealed – but for the most part, it is just the foreheadmore...
    bagel head on daily mail

  2. That’s it, Japan. Out of the pool. You’re not allowed to play with the other children any more.

  3. Marin you are a beautiful woman. This is not a cosmetic enhancement. When I saw what you had done to your face, I thought why?? No more bagel head. Let your natural beauty shine.

  4. Japanese confused by worldwide “bagel head” trend
    The Vancouver Observer, Sep. 27th, 2012
    Keroppy Maeda, a Japanese blogger, had an explanation for why television crews from around the world were suddenly keen to explore the bagel head phenomenon. 
    “It seems like last year, the television crews that were in Japan for the Fukushima nuclear fallout were looking for something new to shoot about youth culture, and they jumped on bagel heads...more
    bagelheads group shot bagel-heads tokyo<

  5. A Bagelhead “Revisionist” movement is growing…

    Bagel head trend is a big distortion
    Japan Times | Japan Pulse | September 29th, 2012
    @Mulboyne, a British Twitter user based in Tokyo, wrote that he was surprised to run into some bulging foreheads at an underground party in 2009. He told us the hardcore body-modification fans there simply called it “seerin durippu” — saline drip. “One reaction was ‘Kimochi warui!‘ (gross!). It looked a bit unsafe,” he said. “There was a lot of amusement, too, of course.’

    bagelheads fuel tv bagel head body-mod japan
    Posted by La Carmina on October 24, 2011
    I recently appeared on Strangers in Danger, a new travel-thrill program airing on Fuel TV, Discovery and National Geographic… I’m on-screen as the subculture guide — a.k.a. “Hot Goth.”

    Bio: † LA CARMINA † is a Japan Goth fashion / culture blogger. Travel TV host & arranger. Coolhunter…

  6. Leave it to FauxNews to be partypoops about this..

    Is becoming a ‘bagel head’ dangerous?
    Fox News | Sept, 28, 2012
    Questions about what is going through these people's bagel-shaped heads aside, is this fad dangerous?
    Potentially, says Omar Ibrahimi, a dermatologist at the Connecticut Skin Institute and visiting assistant professor at Harvard Medical School, who has had experience injecting saline solution into bodies during cosmetic procedures. The risks of bagel-heading are threefold, Ibrahimi said.
    First, the body can safely absorb normal saline solution injected under the skin, and doctors sometimes use it as a form of local anesthesia; however, “saline solution that is too concentrated can overload the body's capacity to process salt,” Ibrahimi told Life's Little Mysteries. If a naive bagel head were to accidentally use highly-concentrated hypertonic saline solution instead of the normal kind, for example, he or she could experience extreme dehydration of the kind that happens when you drink salt water.
    Secondly, if the saline solution isn't sterile, there's “a lot of risk of bacterial or fungal infection,” Ibrahimi said. Most of the pathogens commonly found in unsterilized water can be killed off by the immune system when ingested into the digestive tract; however, the pathogens have a higher chance of gaining a foothold when escorted directly beneath the skin, such as during bagel-head surgery.

    japanese nose saline injection

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