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Schoolgirl STOMP

stomp japanese schoolgirl tentacle octopus
Embiggen to full-size, 500 x 705 px.

Above is a Japanese schoolgirl taking revenge on their “traditional” nemesis, Tentacled Menace of the Deep (3Yen / 2012-04-11), was sent in my the 3Yen’s correspondent-at-large, “Den4.

The image file was labled “Girl with octopus” by “Mashi” (mashi in Japanese can mean “better” or “modified”) girl with octopus by mashi.

Therefore, this could just be an old, modified, erotic print of an octopus. Alternatively, the orignal may have been made by a modern artist such as Fuco Ueda who has a very similar style and often covers the same themes—See: (1) or (2).


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5 Responses to “STOMP”

  1. Den4 (via email) Says:

    Shame on you for making fun of the single-mother plight of lil cthulhoids.
    lil cthulhoid
    More via…

  2. Taro 3Yen Says:

    Aww, such a cute lil cthulhoids…
          …and such a proud mother.↯

    cuttlefish babies at newport aquarium =..

  3. kluwe Says:

    Maybe it’s related to

    If you compare the octopus’ style

  4. Taro 3Yen Says:

    Get stomped by UNIQLO’s synchronized swim team!

    UNIQLO syncho swimming

  5. Cthulhu is God! Says:

    Octopus neurobiology—One of the freakiest things you’ll learn, if you watch the video below, is that an octopus’ “brain” isn’t really a centralized thing the way ours is. The processing capacity is distributed throughout the animal’s body. A new study (see the bottom) that backs up that idea, demonstrating that disembodied octopus arms react to threats in ways a severed human hand never could.

    Detatched octopus arms show awareness, react to danger | 2013 August 28
    The researchers believe this is evidence that the octopuses possess nociceptors, or neurons that specialize in reacting to physical danger. In humans, however, nociceptors are controlled by the spinal cord, and a severed arm wouldn't recoil from pain. Why would they continue to work in an octopus after the arms are no longer attached?
    One possibility is that octopuses don't have minds like ours — their consciousness is more evenly distributed throughout their body...more…

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