Looks Japanese to me

OSTRICH PILLOW by kawamura-ganjavian   Kickstarter
I just saw a small thumbnail of this →
on Kickstarter and said to myself:
Hmm, that looks Japanese to me.”
Yep, sure enough, the “OSTRICH PILLOW” is a Kickstarter product by a design studio called kawamura-ganjavian—Maki Kawamura (being a very Japanese name) was the design team leader of this pillow that allows, “you to create a little private space within a public one, to relax and unwind.”
ostrich pillow


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7 thoughts on “Looks Japanese to me”

  1. wOOt! wOOt! Oh yes! Nothing like wearing a sweltering security blanket on your head in the air conditioned free “cool biz” Japan Inc. office. I really wish I was Japanese so that I could do this too.

  2. m0ar.org wrote:
    Oh yes! Nothing like wearing a sweltering security blanket on your head in the air conditioned free “cool biz” Japan

    Yes, here in Globally Warm-n-Happy Japan it is still 27C/80.6F everyday at noon and the aftrernoon. This Happy Hat (3Yen / 2011-01-16) would be usable for only 3 months of the year in Japan (where central heating/cooling has not been invented yet).

  3. Makers of bizarre new “My Dome” sleep hoods stress health and beauty benefits
    RocketNews24 | 2014/05/05
    the original design was actually borne from the president’s encounter with a paper bag after an evening on the drink.
    Lying on the floor of his home looking for some warmth, he apparently saw a paper bag nearby and slipped it over his head. Upon waking the next morning, he felt better than normal. He was warm and clear-headed, he had no dry morning throat and even his skin looked good, he purports
    The company claims that wearing its My Dome hood helps to protect you from allergies created by pollen and house dust.
    Since the original design was released on October 2013, only 1,000 units or so have been sold. However, the portable and compact My Dome Pal was released in December, and since then some hotels and ANA flights have included it as a first-class amenity item …more…

    My Dome Pal logo

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