Japan’s hottest trend — ‘diaper girls’

Just when you thought Japan couldn’t get any weirder…

The final form of slob? — “Diaper girls”
SPA magazine | 2012.09.28 (Google Translate)
the final form of such a slob women… Kaori Adachi, office worker (pseudonym, 25 years old), who works in real estate company in Tokyo proudly proclaims:
“I’m using disposable diapers…instead of sanitary napkins, which daily wearing is normal for us Japanese girls. ” Adachi said she regularly wears diapers in order to absorb the urine. Rather than focusing the accidental leakage of urine, she said, “we’re using it instead of going to the toilet.”

3Yen / 2005-10-02:
Japanese GOO.N diapers explained.

What is not immediately recognizable from the above report is that a significant portion of Japanese women under the 30 have a habit of wearing pantie liners everyday so they don’t necessarily have to change their underwear everyday, eww.
Tip-of-the-hat to 3Yen friend, Mulboyne who tweeted: Fun new Japanese “trend” for the overseas press. Women wearing diapers to save going to the toilet: http://t.co/MyTfqD3i

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8 thoughts on “Japan’s hottest trend — ‘diaper girls’”

  1. Himeji chemical plant blast threatens diaper supply
    JapanToday | Oct 1, 2012
    An explosion at a large Japanese chemical plant has sparked fears of a global shortage of disposable diapers, a report Sunday.
    A tank at chemical producer Nippon Shokubai’s factory in Himeji city, Hyogo Prefecture, exploded Saturday, killing a firefighter and injuring 35 other emergency service workers who responded to a callout, the fire service said.
    The company has a 20% global share of superabsorbent polymer.

  2. Russell wrote:
    Nippon Shokubai had planned to boost its production to meet the growing demand for disposable diapers in China, the paper said.

    In which recipe do they need them ?

    (guys, it’s china wezza talking aboot, you know i’m not joking…)

  3. Coligny wrote
    In which recipe do they need them [diapers]?
    (guys, it’s china wezza talking aboot, you know i’m not joking…)

    Chinese exports a lot of frozen gyoza dumplings to Japan, but back in 2008 there was a rash of shipments of pork dumplings filled with 80 percent caustic soda-soaked cardboard and 20 percent pork fat.

    gyoza chinese

  4. Ultimate Slobs? Japanese Women Wear Diapers to Avoid Going to the Toilet
    Oddity Central | October 5th, 2012
    Weird as it may seem, there are people out there who would rather wear an uncomfortable diaper all day long than go to the bathroom. Japanese media reports adult diapers are increasingly popular among Japanese women who say wearing them saves them a lot of time.
    In an article titled “The Ultimate Form of Slob“, Japanese magazine SPA describes the hottest trend in the Land of the Rising Sun. No, it’s not the brainwave-operated tail for humans, that’s still just a prototype, but something way more disturbing. The masculinization of women has become a very popular topic in Japan, as statistics say more and more females don’t clean their rooms as often as they used to, leave their underwear all over the place and don’t even bother to remove unwanted bodily hair, but one magazine seems to have identified the ultimate slobs – women who wear diapers to avoid using the toilet.

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