Japan’s ‘BOSS DRIVE-by SHOT”

drive shot

It’s a sleepy Monday morning and the coffee shown above is a wake-up delivered by our always genki/over-caffeinated, correspondant-at-large, Den4.

In case you were wondering how Japanese can stay awake even though nobody—not even the school children—get more than 5-to-6 hours a sleep a night (3Yen / 2005-03-09), we all are snorting “can coffee” (3Yen / 2008-05-04). The newest offering “Drive Shot” says on the can that it contains 120% caffeine!
Thanks to a goofy Google Translate of the Suntory website we can learn that “Drive Shot — BOSS” is
white space is good for the soul
Deep in the heart of the roasted beans blended carefully selected. I am the only driver who finished in coffee cans moderate sweetness and mellow milk, coffee caffeine stronger.
white space is good for the soul
According to their press release, Suntory will release “Drive Shot” coffee as part of their “BOSS” brand’s 20th anniversary.
The cans feature a bright red packaging and a caffeine “speedometer.”
  •  “Boss Drive Shot” was developed targeting people who drive as their main work.
  • The amount of caffeine was increased by 1.2 times that of the average canned coffee. Sugar and milk was added to suppress any bitterness and to give the coffee a moderate, sweet finish.
  •  Suggested retail price is 115 yen ($1.48 USD) for a can of 200ml (0.84 cup).

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3 thoughts on “Japan’s ‘BOSS DRIVE-by SHOT””

  1. I love a Boss Coffee Shot in the morning. Nothing like it for neckbeards. Hey did you know that during WWII the Japanese word for the Kamikaze pilot’s waiting room was “the friend zone”? Yeah that’s right. And on the doors to all the friend zones across the country they had #YOLO spray painted on them. True story. They gave them Boss Coffee Drive Shot — YOU DA BOSS! too. Like a boss.

  2. That coffee looks like the perfect nightcap after a glam0r0us fall evening no doubt.

  3. The Caliph likes to start his day with a strong cup of frappuccino.

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