Wonderful Japaneseque Life with the Elements

partying drunk on Tokyo Metro

The 3Yen’s favorite graphic artist, Bunpei Yorifuji, who did the all the Tokyo train manners posters* such as the amusing closeup shown on the left of the drunks on Tokyo trains, now has a new science book out.

*The 3Yen has featured more
than 50 posters by Yorifuji.

Call Me Lithium [book review]
Wired.com | Oct 4, 2012
just released a translation of Japanese illustrator Bunpei Yorifuji’s Wonderful Life with the Elements: Periodic Table Personified. Yorifuji has a cult following in Japan thanks to a series of cartoon etiquette posters he did for Tokyo subway riders, titled “Just Do It At Home.” The posters dance with humor and so does his version of the Period Table in which every element becomes a character, and a hard-working character at that.

Learn more on Amazon about Bunpei Yorifuji’s Wonderful Life with the Elements: The Periodic Table Personified
wonderful life with the elements - cover..

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