Girls and Panzers blitz Tokyo!


“Girls und Panzer” is an anime world where the focus of education of Japanese schoolgirls is the traditional martial art of Sensha-do, The Way of the Tank. The crappiest of the broadcast television stations here, Tokyo MX, has just started to show the Girls&Panzer cartoon ( at 1:00AM on Tuesdays, so you know it has gotta be “good.”

I mean just look at its cool mix of retro tanks, Nazis and Japanese schoolgirls straddling big guns—What else would an otaku boy want?
girls und panzer girls&panzer

Learn more than you want to know about this fun-loving Nazi anime at

2013/01/30 UPDATE: China thinks “Girls und Panzer” is proof of Japan’s ever increasing militarism…continues

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8 thoughts on “Girls and Panzers blitz Tokyo!”

  1. Come on now…With pink M3 tanks of the Free French and Nazi Japanese schoolgirls in bikinis, I would think you would be in love?

  2. China would be so lucky to have cute Girls und Panzer invade them…

    China: “Girls und Panzer = Japanese Militarism!”
    Sankaku Complex | 2013/01/30 | Warning: NSFW banner ads
    China’s military media has been attracting ridicule in China and beyond after it published an article attacking bishoujo tanker anime Girls und Panzer for being secret Japanese militarist propaganda.
    The piece, originally published by a PLA affiliated military newspaper, criticised Girls und Panzer for downplaying Japanese wartime aggression in favour of cute girls, even going so far as to suggest it was intended as subtle militarist propaganda and might help train the tank crews Japan is obviously desperate to send rampaging through Chinamore

  3. I guess China is so desperate to disguise it’s own militaristic imperialism that it actually thinks that ANYONE (including their own people) will actually believe that the Amusing and Entertaining premise of Girls und Panzer is a ploy of Japan in preparation to flooding the Chinese mainland with tanks. The China propaganda office must be really bored nowadays.

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