Have a Happy Kraken Day!

Don’t you just feel the warmth of the Holidays? Cthulhu-mas is upon us and streets of Shibuya Tokyo are decked out in its “666 SLUT” splender as you can see in the photo at bottom.
cthulhu girl japanese

Cephalopod Awareness Days
≈(. 。.)≈

International Cephalopod Awareness Days (ICAD) is an annual celebration of the most intelligent invertebrates in the world.
   • October 8 – Octopus Day, for all the eight-armed species
   • October 9 – Nautilus Night, a time for all the lesser-known extant cephalopods
   • October 10 – Squid Day/Cuttlefish Day, or Squittleday, covering the tentacular species
   • October 11 – Kraken Day, for all the fantastical cephalopods of myth, movies, literature and legend. Cthulhu fthagn!
have a happy cthulhu day 666

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I'm a pale, alien, quadruped who has worked for 25+ years at "Maybe-the-Largest Inc." in Tokyo.

17 thoughts on “Have a Happy Kraken Day!”

  1. A meeting of great minds:
    Cthulhu of the Realm of the Deep, R’lyeh, has a state visit with Kim Jong-Un and his wife Ri Sol-Ju of Best Korea.


    Photo taken at the opening ceremony of the Rungna People’s PleasureGround on RungnaIslet along the TaedongRiver in Pyongyang July 25th, 2012. The PleasureGround has attractions such as a cephalopodarium, a feeding pool, a funtime fair and miniature golf. More details at The Atlantic Magazine (Jan. 2, 2012).

  2. Don’t be too proud of this technological terror you’ve constructed. The ability to destroy a planet is insignificant next to the power of the Ancient Ones.

    Call of Cthulhu - Do not be too proud

    Thee Olde Ones

  3. Dumbo octopuses
    …Dumbo octopuses (Grimpoteuthis) have ear-like fins that resemble the ears of Disney’s flying elephant Dumbo. These octopuses live at depths of 3,000 to 4,000 metres below sea level and hover just above the seafloor, hunting for food. Although little is known about them, researchers believe there are at least 18 different species of dumbos—the largest ever recorded was 1.8 metres in length and weighed 6 kilos.

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