Internet Cloud service for your dog’s pedometer — in Japan of course


Yes, your dog wants Net access…
            Japan’s Fujitsu Corporation is releasing a pedometer with a Cloud service for dogs.

The “Wandant” pedometer for dogs
Nikkei Electronics | Oct.
Fujitsu plans to release the pedometer, “Wandant,” in the fall of 2012 and provide a cloud service for it. The expected price of the pedometer is 10,000 yen ($128 USD)…The Wandant consists of a three-axis acceleration sensor, thermo-hygrometer, FeliCa module, volatile memory, microcomputer, button battery, etc. It counts the number of paces of a dog and checks its living environment (temperature and humidity) so that the owner can use the data for ensuring the dog’s health…Fujitsu will provide a service for transmitting measured data to a cloud via a smartphonemore

Wandant system overview
Just a bit of explanation of the product’s name “Wandant”—“Wan-wan” is the way Japanese dogs say ‘Bow-wow’ and by mashing that up with the English word ‘pendant’ Fujistu coined an amusing Japanese name with the exotic cachet of engrish.

The Bottom Line: The seeming silliness of the idea of dogs accessing Internet Cloud services is tempered with the fact that On the Internet, nobody knows you’re a dog….

on the internet nobody knows you are a dog..
YouTube explanation

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  1. [File Format: PDF/Adobe Acrobat]
    Overview of the “Wandant” Cloud Health Service for Pets - Fujitsu

    New Possibilities for Pet Care via a Dog Pedometer and Cloud Service “Wandant”: The Pet Industry’s First Cloud Health Service
    On Sale this Fall—
    Features a compact, lightweight and energy-efficient dog pedometer that is comfortable even for small dogs.
    • Activity data automatically measured by the pedometer is displayed in graph form, making it easy to monitor the dog’s movement status with a single glance.
    • By storing activity data in the cloud, it can be used for continued health management and to prevent lifestyle- related diseases.

    Overview of the “Wandant” Cloud Health Service for Pets
    Fujitsu has leveraged the sensing technologies for humans gained through the development of its mobile phones, and has adapted them for a full-featured dog pedometer. The newly developed device is offered in combination with a web service that enables owners to check the activity status of their dog with a single glance.

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