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Zombies march on Ginza!

Anti-IMF activists stage rally in Tokyo
theSundaily | TOKYO (Oct 13, 2012): Protesters calling for an end to the International Monetary Fund hit the streets of…upscale Ginza shopping districtmore
ginza zombies demo protest imf

The Zombie protesters rallied against the meetings of the IMF/World Bank waving wads of fake Japanese money mocking the super rich as shambled along the luxury shopping haunt of the Ginza in downtown Tokyo. A fun time was had by one and all.

duo dorks demo tokyo japan


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6 Responses to “Zombies march on Ginza!”

  1. ZOMBO the zombie Says:

    Zombies Unite On ‘World Zombie Day’
    The Sacramento Bee | 2012/10/12
    As Preview of the Nationwide Protests Over the Impending “Zombieless Halloween” the Undead Shuffle Through D.C. Streets on Friday, October 12.


  2. Zombo World Says:

    The Graveyard Rockers (The Legendary Monster Rock Band from Ohio) celebrate their 20th year in the Halloween music and mayhem biz as they come to Pittsburgh for a rare live show. They have been playing Cedar Point (for 14 years) plus numerous conventions and large scale parties and events around the country. Their brand of music is a mix between the Cramps, The B52’s and 60’s garage and surf bands. Not only is this a free event with this ghoulishly cool band, but anyone showing up in zombie attire will get a free bowling pass for their next visit. (regular rates apply) Zombie Gals, will be competing in the “Drop Dead Gorgeous” Pin Up contest and Guys will have a Best Zombie costume contest.”

  3. M. Redwolf Says:

    Tokyo’s anti-nuclear demonstrations a great place for romance
    —Women seek friendships with the men they meet at the weekly protests— | Oct. 14, 2012
    when marchers tend to work up a sweat when protesting the restarting of the nuclear reactors, and with so many pheromones floating about, it’s hardly surprising that many of them pair off for amorous activities.
    “From the past, many females who have joined demonstrations have had an excess of energy,” says marriage authority Hiromi Ikeuchi, the operator of Tokyo Family Laboratory. “If their joining demonstrations stems partly from problems with their husbands at home, it’s pretty obvious that these women are likely to seek friendships with the men they meet at demonstrations, who harbor the same sentiments.
    no nukes or bunnies ..

  4. S_J Says:

    Has that big guy guy in the bottom photo got a tumor in his nose?

  5. chokonen888 Says:


  6. S_J Says:

    chokonen888 posted:

    That’s the first thing that came to mind when I saw the photo.

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