Bumpkin Burger, from Japan of course

“Pumpkin Burger”: Two words that don’t belong together.
When I first saw the press release from “BK” Japan, immediately misread it as “Bumpkin Burger.”

pumpkin burger japanese press release
Burger King Japan, press release (PDF in Japanese)

Pictured above is Burger King Japan’s “Pumpkin Bomb” hamburger option.
Rather than the standard “BK Pumpkin” burger with only two slices of pumpkin on it, you can “HAVE IT YOUR WAY™” with a maximum of 10 slices of pumpkin. (For each additional two slices there is an extra 60 yen {$0.75 USD} charge.)

Just read the breathless prose from the Burger King Japan’s press release (in a Japanese PDF):

For a limited time starting October 26th, the “BK Pumpkin” burger will be offered so you… can feel closer to the arrival of autumn and winter seasons, such as Christmas and Halloween.japanese-pumpkin-burger-with-bukkake-sauce
In a newly developed in the image of a shape, color, “BK Pumpkin” burger is offered with beef patties and fried pumpkin on a double-slit [sic] sesame bun.
This combination of makes you feel a sense of the season. With bacon, lettuce and grilled hamburger, the “BK Pumpkin” has an exquisite finish and balance.
For the burger we have adopted a “nut sauce” that is savory, creamy, and rich made with sesame seeds, peanuts, almonds, cashews, and hazelnuts. These distinctive flavors are made to match with the gentle taste of pumpkinmore on the Japanese press release (PDF)

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4 thoughts on “Bumpkin Burger, from Japan of course”

  1. “Pumpkin Bomb only goes KABOO!”

    inventorspot.com | 2012oct25:
    Burger King Japan’s “BK Pumpkin” Burger is a Happy Happy Halloween Meal
    Kabocha squash — the Japanese call it “pumpkin” but it’s actually a smaller, sweeter, meatier, green-skinned member of the gourd group. That’s why we don’t recommend hipster foodies on this side of the pond try recycling their leftover jack-o-lanterns come November 1st by creating their own modified Whoppers… yuk!

  2. Steve Levenstein wrote:
    “…we don’t recommend recycling leftover jack-o-lanterns, yuk.”

    I always recycle my jack-o’-lanterns as pie and everyone is pleased enough to ask for seconds (and thirds).

    Although decorative jack-o’-lanterns are rather watery and bland, but pumpkin pie is basically just a heavily spiced custard pie and it can be made from any kind of squash. Hell, I have served “pumpkin” pie made of zucchini with a few drops of orange food coloring and nobody was the wiser.

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