Fukushima’s glow-in-the-dark rice can’t pass Japan’s own standards

Back March, the 3Yen reported on the Japan’s “creative” solution of Feeding radioactive rice to the elderly (3Yen / 2012-03-26).
Well now, the Japanese government is reluctantly admitting that rice from the greater Fukushima area outside the official 20km nuclear meltdown zone can’t pass the government’s contamination standards. glowy2

Fukushima rice above threshold for cesium
The Japan Times | Oct. 25, 2012
Rice grown by a farmer in Sukagawa, Fukushima Prefecture, returned a radioactive cesium reading of 110 becquerels per kilogram, exceeding the maximum of 100, the prefectural government announcedmore...

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2 thoughts on “Fukushima’s glow-in-the-dark rice can’t pass Japan’s own standards”

  1. They really are working hard to make this clusterfuck raise to 11…

    Bad luck they didn’t spend 1/10000th of that energy trying to properly inspect Tepco’s installation and safety protocol…

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