Japan’s new catastrophic worry: ‘a massive convergence of jellyfish from the sea’

Angry packs of jellyfish attacking and blocking the intake of the cooling seawater supply on a nuclear power plant (3Yen / 2011-06-25) are now Japan’s latest catastrophic concern of Japan’s nuclear industry…

Possible catastrophic nuclear scenarios reviewed
NHK WORLD English | /2012oct26
[the Japanese government] will study various types of serious accidents or dangers. These will include terrorist attacks, plane crashes, volcanic activity, toxic gases and the loss of cooling functions due to a massive convergence of jellyfish from the sea...more...
angry jellyfish

Previous 3Yen reports over the years about these mad jellies include:
PANIC! Killer jellyfish invading Japan! 2008-02-09
The Attack of the Killer Jellyfish! 2007-02-20
Attack of the giant jellyfish! 2005-12-08
jellyfish attack japanese kaiju..

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6 thoughts on “Japan’s new catastrophic worry: ‘a massive convergence of jellyfish from the sea’”

  1. Coligny wrote:
    You mean they still haven’t found a proper recipe to eat them?

    I am amazed that nobody has found a way to make fake burgers out of Textured Jellyfish Protein much like the Textured Vegetable Protein that is used to make faux-beef TVP (Textured Vegetable Protein) created from soy beans.
    Fake bacon bits and breakfast sausages made of TVP are quite good. More than 95% of the bacon bits served in restaurants of made of TVP and nobody notices.


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