Japan’s sadness in a Halloween costume

Since October 1st, Japan has had a big crack-down and they have criminalized the downloading of copyrighted media on the Internet with prison sentences of up to 10 years and 10 million yen ($125,285 USD) (3Yen / 2012-07-02).
This sad state of affairs has resulted in some gallows humor in this year’s Japanese Halloween costumes such as this spot-on copy of Japan’s anti-movie piracy advertisement (which is displayed at the start of every movie showing)

japan movie anti-piracy costume for halloween

For reference, here’s what the original Anti-Piracy ad looks like that is played in movie theaters before every showing…

anti-piracy ad shown in all japanese movie theaters..

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4 thoughts on “Japan’s sadness in a Halloween costume”

  1. Mulboyne wrote:
    Campaign to clampdown on pirating films in cinemas optimistically hopes to sell related accessories.

    Good luck with those accessories. Some of the related “character goods” are odd like this molesting No more movie thief / No-More-Eiga-Dorobou.
    No more movie thief / No more Eiga dorobou

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