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Japanese women mad for eye extensions

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Women going mad for eyelash extensions
The Japan Times | Nov. 2, 2012
semipermanent eyelash extensions are far more popular than nail art among middle-aged and older women.
“I think women today are strongly conscious about maintaining their beauty, even if they are busy working or even if they get old,” Miura said. “Eyelash extensions make them look gorgeous and it seems they can’t stop wearing them once they get them.”
Amid the boom, the government and the industry have pointed to the need to strengthen training for the therapists who apply them…Adhesives used for false eyelashes can cause irritation if they are not applied properly ...more...

makeup eye torture
A reason why Japanese women are “going mad” for semi-permanent false eyelashes is that they want bigger, rounder eyes that look like anime and manga characters (rather than humans). Read on about the latest in eyelash extensions and Japanese eye torture.

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3 Responses to “Japanese women mad for eye extensions”

  1. succubusqueen Says:

    I can understand that vanity can make girls go to the extreme, but c’mon…I’ve seen girls with their eyelids so screwed up, scarred, irritated and still with glue residues on the eyelids.It just make me wonder if it’s really worth it to go through all that…and look even worse later…

  2. Adamukun (tweet) Says:

  3. Chuck Buk Says:

    sidebar-quote long
    Eyes. Those damn eyes
    fucked me

    ~ Charles Bukowski, The Days Run Away Like Wild Horses.

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