Radioactive Cesium burgers, from Japan of course

Only-in-Japan laments the 3Yen’s correspondent-at large, Den4. Japan serves up plenty of biohazard burgers (3Yen / 2007-02-24) but this Cesium hamburger steak is waaay too much fun not to report.
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cesium burger japan radioactive food..

Curry Hamburger: Delicious! Nutritious!! Contains Cesium!!! Our Brave Reporter Investigates
RocketNews24 | 2012/11/06
The proprietor of the restaurant explained
“The beef patties really do contain traces of cesium. Since the amount of the substance in the meat is well below the ‘safe’ amount determined by the government, we technically don’t have to mention that there’s any in thereso, even though they’re perfectly safe to eat, we decided to make it plain–these hamburgers contain cesium.”

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7 thoughts on “Radioactive Cesium burgers, from Japan of course”

  1. So, now, Tepco’s cesium is ALSO tainted with meat… These guys can’t be trusted with anything…

  2. Hey! In Japan, if you got it, flaunt it.

    Kirin is now bragging its limited-run of fall beer is made of hops from the Tohoku region—aka the home of the Fukushima nuclear dead zone.

    fall  hops beer  2012 kirin

    Now, let’s look a little closer at that label that reads that it’s a product of “pride of the Tohoku” region.

  3. Honestly Taro Chan… There is a huge problem with you…
    the same as with the US Dept of Defense… You can’t take at face value anything they say because they lie throught their teeth…
    While with you… Since the few years that I’ve known you… I don’t remember a lot of picture you posted that you didn’t photoshop first…
    So unless you have a reliable link proving the guys from Kirin are actually really as stupid as a bag of rock… I will just consider that once again, like for the fake moon landing that you staged on mars, it’s just a cheap trick to put the superior© japanese® nashiun™™™®®®©©© down…

  4. {Do} you have a reliable link proving the guys from Kirin are actually really as stupid as a bag of rock…

    ROCK ON Dude!
    Read it and weep at the official Kirin website.

    Limited-Kirin-ichiban 2012..
    To Kirin’s defense, these hops are grown in Tono, Iwate Prefecture outside the dead zone.
    Tono Iwate Prefecture Japan Google Maps
    Google Maps:
    DEAD ZONE Japan

  5. I’ve been microwaving my food for decades…I’m not gonna suddenly start worrying now that the slop is really being nuked.

    (BTW, ever tried to explain to a Japanese about “nuking” food in the microwave? What reaction did you get? [I hope it wasn’t crying and a protest to your local consular official/government body.] I guess being “nuked” is still better than being chin sareta, which can have some less than palatable translations depending on context and characters used…)

  6. I’ll check that out. Is that FIGHTS FOR ITS LIFE about the nuclear reactors? Ridiculous. I’d cut em some slack if it was about the rest of it.They can’t possibly be fighting for their life over a leaking reactor. If that can wipe them out, then Little Boy and Fat Man disintegrated the entire island back in 1945.

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