Japan hits new culinary heights!

Like a mutant lurking the Fukushima nuclear dead zone, reports of this new blue Japanese curry are positively glowing.

Bright Blue Curry and “Intense Disgusting Juice” on the Menu at Niconico Cafe Not For the Faint of Stomach!
RocketNews24 | 2012/11/15
“Unappetizing Blue Curry,”this 700 yen US $8.70 dish is true to its nameThere’s also a horrible liquid concoction roughly translated as ‘Intense Disgusting Juice: Extreme,” which costs a shocking 3000 yen (US$24)more
blue-curry-title japan
blue-curry-bowl japanese..

Japanese “curry” is popular enough to be called a national dish—On school lunch surveys, curry is always ranked at the top of the menu in popularity (Wikipedia).

A quick Google Image Search reveals that blue curry is trendy in Japan
blue curry japanese girl
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Previous 3Yen reports of the mysteries of Japanese curry include:

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      (3Yen / 2005-07-06)

monsieur kool Thanks to the 3Yen’s correspondant,
Den 4, for a heads-up about this story.

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3 thoughts on “Japan hits new culinary heights!”

  1. Hmm, that blue curry reminds me of an old Japanese joke…

    A Japanese husband and wife invite their Indian friend over for dinner. Wanting to make a good impression, the wife makes curry-&-rice, which is arguably Japan’s favorite dish along with ramen.

    At dinner, the wife anxiously asks, “How is it?”
       “Delicious.” the Indian man says, “What is it?”

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