Best Korea’s secret Santa gift for Japan!

north korean flag waving
Best Korea can no longer tolerate the military conspiracy of the U.S./Japan Axis using the shameful excuse of “Santa” to violate sacred borders and airspace of the great nation, Choson Minjujuui Inmin KonghwagukNorth-Korea—The Democratic People’s Republic of Korea.

Satellite image shows activity at North Korea launch site | November 26th, 2012
a new launch could be possible in the next few weeks, according to the satellite imagery company DigitalGlobe…The image at North Korea's Sohae satellite launch station was taken on November 23 and shows similar preparations as was witnessed ahead of the failed April 13 attempt more...

taepodong rain north korean missile

For over 50 years NORAD has tracked this so-called “Santa Klaus” but they have failed to take countermeasures because he is actually an agent of evil hegemony.

This year Best Korea will put a stop to these bellicose incursions of the glorious airspace of Choson, once and for all.
(In case you were wondering what my real interest is in all of this that I have a real fondness for these North Korean “tests.” While I was on vacation in Tohoku in north of Japan back in August 1998, “Best Korea” shot a missile that passed overhead and missed landing in Japan by only 150km.)

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4 thoughts on “Best Korea’s secret Santa gift for Japan!”

  1. Those are not Korean missiles!
    Those are signal markers left by the Reptilians or the Greys before coming to Earth (known to them as Terra). It is also likely that the heat signatures actually reveal the presence of underground military activity, most likely from Mars. It is probably a pre-Terra era, extra-planetary, nuclear gonad factory. There’s a ton of evidence pointing to the likelihood of the New World Order’s shadow government conducting a space war near the Saturnian and Jovian systems with a rebel Grey armada.

  2. The planets are in alignment.

    The sun burns with anger.

    The darkness is coming.

    The four horsemen are drawing near… O.O

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