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Japan Airlines’ Christmas Kentucky Fried flight fright

Can you imagine anything that says “Japan cuisine” better than day-old, cold, greasy, Kentucky Fried Christmas chicken? →

MynaviNews | 2012/11/28(Google Translate)“AIR Kentucky Fried Chicken” is Japan Airlines’ new in-flight meal on international flights in Economy Class and Premium Economy Class from December 1st until February 28thmore
kentucky fried flight fright..

JAL and KFC Serve [AIR KENTUCKY FRIED CHICKEN] Onboard Select Flights
Japan Airlines — Press Release | Nov. 28, 2012
KFC is widely popular in Japan particularly during the Christmas season. This year end, JAL and KFC will bring customers a festive cheer onboard with the original [AIR KENTUCKY FRIEND {sic} CHICKEN]
More info in engrish…


Around this time last year, Japan Airlines offered their infamous
AIR MOSs Rice Burger
, yum!
white space is good for the soulmoss-rice-burgerm0Ar!~

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4 Responses to “Japan Airlines’ Christmas Kentucky Fried flight fright”

  1. chokonen888 (via email) Says:

    jal indian nan-bread kfc white space is good for the soul
    WTF? Is that KFC Naanpan (Indian “nan” bread) in that JAL meal? →
    white space is good for the soul

    BTW, Japan’s ANA seems to think they’re the shit for serving frozen blocks of white colored ice labelled plain Jane Häagen-Dazs vanilla.

    On the other hand, Air Singapore has…

    ben & jerry's ice cream Chocolate-Fudge-Brownie

    Fuck you ANA!!

  2. Coligny Says:

    Meanwhile, with China East you’d rather have nothing than the mangled shit on a broken plastic tray they throw at you in mid flight while making you understand that it should not be part of their job…

  3. Taro 3Yen Says:

    This China East meal looks better than Aeroflot or Northwest.

    china-east airline

  4. christo Says:

    That cold fried chicken sounds just vile. Imagine the smell on the plane!
    How and why is KFC a must-have meal for Christmas Eve? Is this some kind of joke?

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