Japan Airlines’ Christmas Kentucky Fried flight fright

Can you imagine anything that says “Japan cuisine” better than day-old, cold, greasy, Kentucky Fried Christmas chicken? →

MynaviNews | 2012/11/28(Google Translate)“AIR Kentucky Fried Chicken” is Japan Airlines’ new in-flight meal on international flights in Economy Class and Premium Economy Class from December 1st until February 28thmore
kentucky fried flight fright..

JAL and KFC Serve [AIR KENTUCKY FRIED CHICKEN] Onboard Select Flights
Japan Airlines — Press Release | Nov. 28, 2012
KFC is widely popular in Japan particularly during the Christmas season. This year end, JAL and KFC will bring customers a festive cheer onboard with the original [AIR KENTUCKY FRIEND {sic} CHICKEN]
More info in engrish…


Around this time last year, Japan Airlines offered their infamous
AIR MOSs Rice Burger
, yum!
white space is good for the soulmoss-rice-burgerm0Ar!~

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4 thoughts on “Japan Airlines’ Christmas Kentucky Fried flight fright”

  1. jal indian nan-bread kfc white space is good for the soul
    WTF? Is that KFC Naanpan (Indian “nan” bread) in that JAL meal? →
    white space is good for the soul

    BTW, Japan’s ANA seems to think they’re the shit for serving frozen blocks of white colored ice labelled plain Jane Häagen-Dazs vanilla.

    On the other hand, Air Singapore has…

    ben & jerry's ice cream Chocolate-Fudge-Brownie

    Fuck you ANA!!

  2. Meanwhile, with China East you’d rather have nothing than the mangled shit on a broken plastic tray they throw at you in mid flight while making you understand that it should not be part of their job…

  3. That cold fried chicken sounds just vile. Imagine the smell on the plane!
    How and why is KFC a must-have meal for Christmas Eve? Is this some kind of joke?

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