Kaiju Emergency Alert!

Breaking news:
Hack director Del Taco* is remaking the movie Cloverfield.

That is, to hype his upcoming movie “Pacific Rim (IMDb.com),” director Guillermo del Toro has released the following faux-CNN reports about a massive kaiju attack on San Francisco.

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10 thoughts on “Kaiju Emergency Alert!”

  1. I went to the official website (it’s just a crappy facebook page), but there’s not much there.
    However, the fb page gave a link to a Japanese page with some explanation

    Meet the PPDC(Pan Pacific Defense Corps) — Japan’s defense against the colossal Kaiju – nuclear-powered Jaeger, Coyote Tango:

    I just hope we get some idea what kind of “Kaiju” will be in the actual film—Hopefully not Godzilla ’98 or a Clovercrap monster

  2. I just hope we get some idea what kind of “Kaiju” will be in the actual film.

    Here’s a screenshot from the teaser/trailer showing an aircraft carrier transporting the kaiju corpse. It’s got sort of a Evangelion vibe, doesn’t it?
    KAIJU ATTACK - YouTube

    On the other hand, the shape of the dead kaiju reeks of the vile abortion, Godzilla ’98.

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