Japanese robot eats bicycles, yum!

Me robot. Chomp bikes. Put Japan steel in my belly. YUMMY! (Watch how it works inside in the video below.)

Below are examples of bike parking at Japanese train stations from the very organized to bicycle hell. Note that Japanese officials consider “bicycle pollution” (bicycles abandoned after theft/joyriding*) a critical urban problem.

japanese bike parking good-bad-ugly
white space is good for the soul

THE BAD (typical) →
white space is good for the soul

THE UGLY (more common than GOOD) →

white space is good for the soul

Watch from the inside how the bicycle parking robot works.

See other kinds of strange bicycle parking in Japan in our Comments section…

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9 thoughts on “Japanese robot eats bicycles, yum!”

  1. Japan: Spends $9 million to park $2,000 worth of bikes.
    (Did anybody else notice how crappy the all bikes were?)

  2. Notice how crappy the all bikes were?

    In Japan, it pays to have the crappiest bike as possible since it is going to get stolen. (I’ve had four super crappy bike stolen so far.)

    As I mentioned before, “bicycle pollution” is a big problem in Japan. Drunks (99.9999999% of all salarymen) steal bikes when they miss the last train home. They abandon the the “borrowed” bike at near their home often the closest train station were nobody will notice. Since over time, most bikes get stolen by drunks and joyriding kids—Then the bikes are abandoned and they pile up at the stations (also filling and clogging ditches and rivers).

    bike polution

  3. Bertiful. The only things that get stolen in Japan are bicycles, umbrellas and halfu Japamerican kids. It is “safety country” with four bertiful seasons desu. Bertiful.

  4. I'm not quite sure I get the relevance of the masked guy.

    Obviously the sign signifies the proper bicycle parking for Doctor Gonzo, the plague masked muppet.gonzo-plague-mask-sticker

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