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Trimming the tree, Japanese style

Well it’s Sunday, December 2nd, so it’s time* to think about trimming the Christmas tree, Japanese style. Or wait…is that that trim on the tree.



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3 Responses to “Trimming the tree, Japanese style”

  1. BambiGrossa Says:

    Hey it looks like you are already in the company of nice girls who are ready to make you cheerful foe Japanese Christmas tree trimming. All i can do is dream of them but you can stay with them!

  2. KuruKuru Says:

    This small, light-weight, trimming/edging tool cuts in 9-inch swathes pubic hair at a time. Because of its size, it is more controllable than the larger (12” and 14” ) trimmers. The larger, more powerful trimmers are not suitable for many women. I took back one because of its imprecise cutting. The powerful motor resulted in the shredding of a wood edging that separates my bush from an adjacent mulched area. One problem with all trimmers is that there is nothing to catch the flying bits of pubic hair. The only thing that might help in the future is to lay a sheet over the mulched area adjacent to my Snatch to catch the cuttings, and move the sheet as I go along. Perhaps this should come with a sheet? Again, the smaller, less powerful machine’s precision reduces excess trimmings. This is also a less noisy machine and is easier to store than the more powerful trimmers. Features include a trimming option so that you can trim your Pussy under protruding bushes or around rocks, etc. There’s also a locking feature for the electric cord. YOu do need to occasionally bump the machine (literally lighting hitting it against your hoohaa) to advance the cutting wire, this takes a little practice to get right. However, the learning curve is fast, after a few outings I thought this was a fairly useful machine. Update: I now would not recommend this unless one has previous satisfied experience with it, or something very similar. The main problem is the weight of the cutting assembly at the end of a long pole. The physics are simply against the user. Add to that the need to recharge and replace the cutting wire, and, for ME, the disadvantages outweigh the benefits highlighted in the original review.

  3. Taro 3Yen Says:

    Kurikuri wrote:
    This small, light weight trimming/edging tool cuts in 9-inch swathes pubic hair at a time. Because of its size, it is more controllable than the larger (12” and 14” ) trimmers….

    YIKES!~ Now that’s really a tight trim (for a spambot)!

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