Japanese eRections

 japan election poster with akb48 2012-12-01 ← In this poster at my train station, the J-pop girly group, AKB48, is exhorting everyone to vote in the upcoming Japanese elections on the 16th.
I think I have found the best political party to provide good governance for us aliens/gaijin: The No-Party party shown cosplay-campaigning below.

vote-ufo japa cosplay

Other fruitcakes campaigning include…(continued in the Comments section)
election posters

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5 thoughts on “Japanese eRections”

  1. Other fruitcakes campaigning include:

    Five times former Governor of Tokyo, Shintaro “Blinky” Ishihara, (Japan’s more right-wing version of France’s Le Pen*)

    The Beautiful County of concrete (3Yen / 2008-01-22) candidate

    Crazy inventor of the flying shoes and winner of the igNobel prize, Dr. Nakamats (3Yen / 2005-10-07)

    And of course, psycho for governor, Koichi Toyama who calls Japan a “horrible nation” and rejects any possibility for reform (Wikipedia)...
    koichi toyama psycho-for-governor..

  2. Madoka & QB “Abused for Political Ends”

    2012/12/03| Sankaku Complex (NSFW banner ads)
    The prominent use of Madoka cosplayers at a political rally, and even on top of the campaign truck, has been attracting distaste from anime fans.
    Kenji Utsunomiya, a 66-year-old lawyer campaigning as an independent candidate for election as mayor of Tokyo on a largely anti-nuclear ticket, held an Akiba rally graced not only by Madocchi cosplay but also QB as well...more....

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