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Japanese Christmas Cake tastes like dog-food

.Lay a log for your dog's yule
I love how the foreign press find the same “new” Japanese stories over and over. Way back in 2005 (see left), we spotted a story about the Japanese having a long proud history of serving Christmas cake on Christmas as desert for “traditional” dinner consisting of bucket of Kentucky Fried Chicken in a report entitled, “Lay a log for a Japanese dog’s Yule(3Yen / 11-3-2005).

Now here’s that same story from 2005 in the news again…


Pooches have their cake and eat it in Japan for Christmas
Reuters | December 5, 2012
Don't know what to get your pet dog for the holiday?…Pastry chef and Italian restaurant owner Naohiko Nagatani came up with a dog-friendly take on Japan's Christmas cake, which is usually based on sponge and laden with whipped cream, that can be eaten by both dogs and their ownersmore...

dog-food japanese christmas cake

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3 Responses to “Japanese Christmas Cake tastes like dog-food”

  1. SDH Says:

    I hope I get a bit of bush for Noel….

  2. chokonen888 Says:

    Don’t forget your Yule Log.

  3. Taro Says:

    Mo’ betta Italian food in Tokyo…

    Pleased to meet you too.

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