The elevating Mysteries of the Orient

japanese elevator girl with white gloves Japanese elevator girls with their pristine white gloves and silly uniform hats are still a common sight in upscale department store in Japan. Obviously all Japanese elevators are automatic and the girls’ job is extraneous but their piercing and high-pitched voices, heavy almost-kabuki makeup, and formal manners are a special part of the Japanese department store experience—which all in all make the following news report somehow more “elevating.”

Ups And Downs of Elevators
Wall Street Journal | 30 Nov. 2012
Otis research fellow Theresa Christy optimises elevator usage
Japan boasts, in Ms. Christy’s opinion, the smoothest, best-riding elevators. “When you get into an elevator there, you sometimes think you are ‘stuck’ in the elevator because the motion is so smooth and quiet,” she says. But that service comes with extra costs and slower speeds.
Another problem: How many people fit in an elevator? In Asia, more people will board a car than in Europe or New YorkWesterners prefer more personal space….elevator systems use different weights for the average person by region. The average American is 32 pounds heavier than the average Japanese.


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