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‘Weenies press conference Tokyo Japan

Weenies press conference tokyo japan
A bunch of real Weenies, both Franken and Nipponese had a press conference a couple of days ago for the belated Japanese release on December 15th of the film, “Frankenweenie” (
Who do you think is the bigger Weenie, the film’s director Tim Burton or the dorky Japanese TV comedienne Haruka Minowa?

This bizarre release date is so annoyingly typical for Japanese debuts —In this case in that it’s too late for the Halloween season that the whole movie was intended for, sheesh.


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7 Responses to “‘Weenies press conference Tokyo Japan”

  1. Mr. T Says:

    “Who do you think is the bigger Weenie?”

    Disney is the biggest Weenie for releasing a Halloween movie late in the Christmas season.

  2. And in related news... Says:

    It’s Weener Wednesday!

    27 dachshunds abandoned on streets of Kitakyushu
    Japan Herald | 05 December 2012
    The animals have so far been discovered at three locations in the city as of Monday, TV Asahi reported. Police say the dogs are all miniature dachshunds, with many being fully grown adults aged between 7 and 8. According to a Fukuoka prefectural police spokesman, 23 of the animals were found at Adachi Park in the city's Kokurakita Ward and on the streets in Kokuraminami Ward...more

  3. MARKed TRAIL Says:

    We all know who is the biggest wiener.
    ishihara ..
    Shintaro “Blinky” Ishihara
    -wannabe Prime Minster for Life

  4. SDH Says:

    Why release a Halloween movie during Christmas?

    This is Japan…
    Crucified Santa

  5. Big in Japan Says:

    I really can’t see the attraction of this so-called “comedian”. I’ll bet Tim was thrilled when he was told that he would be appearing with a “famous Japanese comedian”…
    It seems that she and her chubby, bespectacled partner have a niche as the current fugly homely female comedy duo (until the next duo comes along, and they get kicked to the curb). The chubby one is loud and abrasive, and this one is known for her snaggleteeth, one of which is dead apparently (she used to proudly proclaim this fun fact when they were new on the scene). Then again, TIJ… carry on.

  6. Daily Mail quoted Says:

    How about some real goth-loli girls in the F-Weenie mode?

    Tokyo Mode Gakuen Fashion School in Japan pay homage to Tim Burton’s Frankenweenie
    Mail Online | 2012-12-05
    Inspired by the spooky fantasy world conjured up in his new film Frankenweenie, children at the Tokyo Mode Gakuen Fashion School were challenged to create a monochrome costume befitting of a Tim Burton epic – and the director even turned up to be a judgemore

  7. Coligny via email Says:


    Taro posted:

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