Japan’s ‘difficult area’, the radioactive Dead Zone, grows as does access to it!

japan difficult zone radiative dead area Marked in bright red on the map (L) is a huge radioactive Dead Zone around the Fukushima nuclear power plant meltdown with a pink corridor going right through the middle of it marked with the charming Japanese euphemism, ”difficult area.” In this special area, entry is allowed in magical circumstances when it is for the public’s convenience. That is, “convenience” for the public makes deadly radiation somehow go way, ha, ha.

More revisions to Fukushima zones
03 December 2012
the zone is changed to allow restricted access to residents, although they may not stay overnight. Some parts of the zone have now been declared a “restricted” area where entry can only be gained for a specific purpose, marked orange on METI's map. Remaining parts of the zone are now classed as a “difficult” areamore

new dead zone
0KUMA, JAPAN - DECEMBER 07: W0rkers set the gate to divide the area on December 7, 2012 in Okuma, Fukushima, Japan. Japanese government reclassified the area where 96 percent of Okuma city residents used to live as 'residents will face difficulties in returning for a long time' according to the radiation contamination level, will apply on December 10.

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One thought on “Japan’s ‘difficult area’, the radioactive Dead Zone, grows as does access to it!”

  1. Who doesn’t mean they don’t enjoy a good game of “truffle hunt” every once in a while. What happens is you gets naked and noses around through some mud behind an old barn like a pig looking for truffles while your radioactive TEPCO buddies comes up behind and pokes you in…well you get the picture. Afterwards they have a nice, sweaty cuddle session in the back of their robot-van.

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