Japanese otaku oxymoronically ‘creepier’

KIMOI—sicko/creepy is the only way to describe the death throws of J-pop, AKB48 (3Yen / 2012-09-19) and their 40-something, otaku fanboys. More fun is AKB48’s management pedo-panders ways for the group’s unmarried, middle-aged, male fanbase to unJPop their cherries such as…
japanese otaku still getting creepier

AKB48 Otaku ‘Still Getting Even Creepier’
Sankaku Complex | 2012/12/09
(Warning NSFW banner ads)

an SKE48 fan who spent $12,000 on handshaking event tickets in order to secure several hours of “quality” time with his favourite maiden, and another maniac auction in which a single cookie made by AKB48′s Mariko Shinoda reached a similar sum at auction.
The fanatic in question reports buying enough copies of new SKE48 single “Eien Pressure” to obtain no less than 1019 handshaking event tickets, and shares proud pictures of his various stacks [see left] — which are estimated to have cost him 1,000,000 yen ...more


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3 thoughts on “Japanese otaku oxymoronically ‘creepier’”

  1. Weren’t those pseudo coupon milliunnaire sender ousted as just marketing shills to influence idiots on spending as much as possible on redundant crap ? (monkey see, monkey do syndrome)

  2. I’m restless. Things are calling me–sweeping me away. My long hair cannot be helped but to be pulled by the moon.

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