Secrets of Japan’s figure skating costumes exposed!

Akiko Suzuki - YouTube
Akiko Suzuki reveals the secret of her dress
–The International Skating Union on YouTube, Dec. 4, 2012 (Click for YouTube video.)


Also check our previous report, Mistakenly Mao ( / 2010-02-16)

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I'm a pale alien salaryman, who worked more than 20+yr at "Maybe-the-Largest Inc" in Tokyo. The best term for me now is "o-yatoi gaikokujin" (お雇い外国人) alien hired-gun/consultant. Interests? Well...let's say nothing bores me but sleeping, slacking, snaking, snacking and surfing the Net are my obsessions although working out lifting weights and swimming is what I should be doing right now.

9 thoughts on “Secrets of Japan’s figure skating costumes exposed!”

  1. In the photo she is giving that judge quite a crotch shot! Damn. I would hit that!

  2. aww… yeah… she soo top class hitable compared to the common local crop…

    I mean, there days where i’d fuck Toyocky rather than the sluts working the hostess bars…

  3. Hubba-hubba! I didn’t know that Toyocky was such a fine, funky fembot with a fabulous bubble butt.

    d00d, the #1 crop locally produced is cabbage…

    The bubble butt is a safety feature…

    (//i’d tap that ass)

  4. Just stuff them with junk food and steroids—it’s adults who are paedophiles and whatever that you’ve gotta worry about.

  5. Burlesque springs first to my mind when I see this crazy skating cosplay.

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