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Japan’s sad Kentucky Fried ‘Feast’ for Xmas spreads to the U.S.!

For many years*, gaijin/foreigners in Japan have greatly enjoyed laughing at the long lines form outside branches of Kentucky Fried Chicken every Christmas Eve and the pathetic lives of the Japanese who consider dragging a greasy bucket home as a proper Christmas feast for the family. The traditional Japanese custom of eating KFC on Christmas is so popular that stores take reservations months in advance (Wikipedia).

Now Japan’s Kentucky Fried Farce has been ruined by KFC’s “Festive Feast™” that’s being heavily promoted in the U.S.A.


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More info in the Comments section…

*A Goggle Search of “eating fried chicken on Christmas in Japan” will garner more than 2,720,000 hits of snarky jokes about Japan’s lame Christmas “traditions.”

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4 Responses to “Japan’s sad Kentucky Fried ‘Feast’ for Xmas spreads to the U.S.!”

  1. KFC Press Release quoted Says:

    colonel hands japan kfc

    KFC’s Festive Feast: A New Sweet Treat and the Original Recipe® Makes the Perfect Dinner for Hectic Families This Holiday Season
    Press Release: KFC — Nov 29, 2012 | Yahoo! Finance
    First, the brand introduces the Festive Feast, an eight-piece meal accompanied by a dozen delicious chocolate chip cookies, which is sure to bring sweet relief to those needing a break from holiday chaos…
    …”Between the planning, shopping and decorating, we know that sometimes it's hard to relax with the family and really enjoy the holidays,” said Jason Marker, Chief Marketing Officer for KFC U.S. “With the introduction of the Festive Feast, families can put the hectic pace aside and sit down for a fresh, delicious meal, and top it off with a sweet treat.”
    Available at participating KFC locations, the Festive Feast includes eight pieces of freshly prepared chicken, two home-style side favorites, four famous, flaky biscuits and a dozen chocolate chip cookies — all for just $19.99. ...more

  2. Mrs. T via email Says:

    Just give me my FEAST damn it, and forget Mr. T’s crappy, burnt, dry turkey!


  3. Anonymous via email Says:

    why pay 20 dollars for KFC when you could get a better quality meal from Bob Evans or the same price

    Bob Evans Turkey Breast Dressing

  4. Lord Of The Wings Says:

    Lord Of The Wings

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