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‘COURTEBY’ — the new replacement for Tokyo’s fish market

Is “COURTEBY” the new name for the replacement of the venerable Tsukiji fish market of Tokyo? evil-laugh

Iconic Tokyo fish market to close, replacement design unveiled
CNN Travel | Dec. 11 , 2012
The Tokyo metropolitan government recently released its design for a new wholesale seafood market set to open in 2014Tsukiji market’s planned replacementwill begin once the Tokyo government successfully neutralizes toxic substances from a nearby former gas factorymore
tsukiji new fish market tokyo COURTEBY

The rest-of-the-story is the Tokyo goverment is forcing Tsukiji fish market to relocate to the contaminated former site of Tokyo Gas’ main refinery. Besides earthquake liquefaction risks, that land is polluted with benzene, hydrocyanic acid, chromium, etc., at levels verified to be thousands to tens of thousands of times over government’s own safey levels. radioactive fish japan
However, that new site is no problem since the fish sold in Tsukiji is already contaminated with mercury (3Yen / 2010-04-26) and is radioactive (3Yen / 2012-10-26). →

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3 Responses to “‘COURTEBY’ — the new replacement for Tokyo’s fish market”

  1. GG Says:

    Taro – you need new reading glasses – it does have an S (not a B).

  2. Taro 3Yen Says:

    Even enlarged by 500%, it still looks like “COURTEBY” to me, hee, hee.

    courteby close-up

  3. Says:
    Want to see what Tsukiji Market will look like when it moves to Toyosu?
    Food Sake Tokyo坂本ゆかり (@YukariSakamoto)’s twitter April 16, 2014

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