‘Greed’ chosen as the word of the year in Japan!


“Gold” (kin-gold)—as in ‘greed’ or ‘filthy lucre’—has been chosen as the word of the year in Japan. Fittingly, the head priest of the Buddhist temple, Kiyomizu, in Kyoto is shown in the photos on the left sanctifying gold-n-greed as the best choice for 2012.

“Kin” (Gold) chosen as Kanji of the year in Japan
Xinhua English | 2012-12-12
“Kin”, the kanji for gold or money, was chosen as character of the year in 2012 in Japan…the kanji character representing the social conditions in Japan or World of the year which is announced by the Japan Kanji Aptitude Testing Foundation, based in the ancient Japanese city of Kyoto, on the “Kanji day”, December 12more

Gold-n-greed is so good to the Japanese that Kin was also the Kanji of the Year in the year 2000 (Wikipedia)

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One thought on “‘Greed’ chosen as the word of the year in Japan!”

  1. …The Japan Kanji Aptitude Testing foundation also pointed out a series of political discussions about reforming tax system and “money” scandals reported often this year in the newspapers as another reason for the choice…

    By that standard, they can use the same Kanji every fucking year.

    Maybe they should start making up some new Kanji to revitalise that moribund writing system and provide fresh candidates. A 42-stroke monster signifying “NoMajorNuclearIncidentsSoFar” is my suggestion for 2012.

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