We endorse SMILES for sad-sack Japan!

The raving, right-wing, sound trucks (3Yen / 2007-04-09) are in full swing and blaring outside my window for the Japanese elections being held next Sunday.
As an alien I cannot vote, but if I could, the “Smile Party” candidate, Mac Akasaka, would get my vote—Say it now: “Wooo, ahhh. Wooo, ahhh!”

vote-Smile-Party japan Mac Akasaka
Click to play YouTube
the Smile Party of Japan’s candidate, Mac Akasaka.

In the above YouTube video, Mac enjoying his rights of free speech on the national public broadcaster, NHK (which is required to provide equal time for all the candidates on air for free). Mac Akasaka says that:
I have a really happy smile for everyone. Be revived by the smile that makes a Smile. Smiling to the fullest extent is the best way to unclog your spirit bringing a good body, good feelings, and good life.

Smile-Party japan snapshots
The images shows ballsy Mac Akasaka of the Smile Party’s campaigning on NHK TV and out of his Rolls Royce.
smile-party-graphicmake-smile manga japan balls of Mac Akasaka

Read Mac’s fun campaign platform in the Comments section.

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I'm a pale, alien, quadruped who has worked for 25+ years at "Maybe-the-Largest Inc." in Tokyo.

9 thoughts on “We endorse SMILES for sad-sack Japan!”

  1. Let’s Zone out Tokyo!!

    ① Tax relief zones !!
    Cut into 1/2 the property tax and tax corporate income rather than taxing citizens. Start a smoking tax. Review of corporate tax incentives for doctors, dubious private schools, and religious institutions.

    ② Special Economic Zone!!
    Carried out on the initiative of financing small and medium-sized businesses Tokyo exchange intervention and monetary easing. To raise the Japanese economy by setting the goal of $1 USD = 100 yen.

    ③ Smile zone!
    Establish Smile You Smile Education greetings. When I walk the streets of Tokyo see wrinkles between the eyebrows of someone, they shall be fined of 30,000 yen under Tokyo’s nuisance ordinance.

    ④ Elderly zone!!
    20,000 yen allowance to the elderly over 65 years of age. Love therapy carried out too.

    ⑤ Children zones!!
    20 000 yen allowance to children of junior high school age or under. Education, such as English manners and greeting smiles too.

    ⑥ Disabled zones!!
    The Tokyo completely barrier-free. Create a forum for interaction with healthy people and people with disabilities.

    ⑦ Love zones !!
    Tokyo residents young and old to the joy of life and love. Tokyo residents can attend at a discount with a priority to promote citizen romances.

    ⑧ Club zones!
    Revival of club culture. Elimination of the silly laws prohibiting dancing in the clubs.

    Smile-Party japan poster bottom

  2. 9. Friend Zones!!

    You open this door in Nakano, Tokyo with the key of Japanese neckbeards. Beyond it is another dimension – a dimension of girl/guy/ladygirl, a dimension of friends, a wide region of “just friends” and another vastness of “really good friends”. You’re moving into the realm of both handshakes, virginity, “gomen ne” , “language exchange” and platonicism. You have a wry smile across your face as you realize that you have arrived deep into the Friend Zone.

  3. He’s got my vote since the Smile Party plans to cut the income and number of Tokyo public servants by half, not pay the governor anything, stop nuclear power and the Tokyo 2020 Olympic bid, and privatise the Shin-Tokyo bank.

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