Tomorrow’s election in Japan

Thank Buddha–The last of the raving, right-wing, sound trucks swung by blaring outside my window as the Japanese elections will be held tomorrow. Looking at the campaign posters by my house, I noticed one rather handsome young candidate for Tokyo governor, tokuma/TOKUMA, with his name written in katakana script that is reserved for foreigners, aliens* and animals. Hmm…


He’s “TOKUMA” a rock singer and candidate who is representing the Happiness Realization Party, the political arm of the fun religious cult, Happy Science, who believes in nine levels of UFO alien wisdom*.
However, TOKUMA may be misnamed the “happy” candidate since he has been arrested singing right-wing protest songs on the disputed Senkaku Islands trying to provoke war with China and says he has, “been brainwashed to think Japan did really bad stuff in Asia.” (Wall Street Journal | 2012dec12).

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