Mr. Pooper to be the next Japanese Prime Minister—sigh—again

Abe-is-the-wiener AP image/story |2012dec17:
Japan’s Governing Party Resoundingly Ousted in Shift to Right

Best known for abruptly quitting as Japanese Prime Minister in 2008 because uncontrolled shitting in his trousers, Shinzo Abe, is shown above celebrating retaking power as the next Prime Minister of Japan.
As the President of the LDP—the not-so-Liberal not-so-Democratic not-much-fun-Party—Mr. Pooper wants to lead hidebound Japan even further to the right as Japan slips into a third “Lost Decade” of economic decline* and a multiple territorial disputes with its hostile neighbors.

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11 thoughts on “Mr. Pooper to be the next Japanese Prime Minister—sigh—again”

  1. Hey don’t worry about that pooping hawk, Shinzo Abe.
    He will be gone before you know it as Japan has had seven prime ministers in six-and-a-half years.

  2. How can a guy who resigned be legally re-elected?…

    Are those people really that dumb as fuck?

    no way to feel sorry when the next disaster strike…

  3. Coligny wrote:
    Are those people really that dumb as fuck?

    No, they’re actually even dumber.

    What they have done is elected the LDP into power with a two-thirds majority of the House of Representatives. This will now allow the LDP to vote for changing the Constitution, which should start some really nasty pissing wars with the neighbors.

  4. I never understood this whole “liberal democratic party” that is far right nationalist…with the J-mormons backing them…’s like the scientific whale meat stockpile research and all the other bullshit here that appears one way on paper but in reality is the exact opposite. Then when you call them out on it you get the usual “Japaneeeeeze style” explanation.

  5. Analysts have said that if Abe has enough of his butt buddies elected, then he’ll be able to force quantitative easing and bring the yen down and the domestic economy up again. Apparently, there has been a long ongoing fight between the Diet and the BOJ over this issue. Of course the BOJ wants to continue doing nothing, but look how that has worked out! QE could be the magic bullet that Japan has been in need of for a long time now.

  6. Joe Zoo wrote:
    …if Abe has enough of his butt buddies elected, then he’ll be able to force quantitative easing and bring the yen down .

    Sadly just as Abe wants a lower yen, so the Fed wants a lower dollar, but it impossible for all countries to ease (or devalue) their way to growth at the same time.
    The Japanese elections drove stocks way up and the yen hit a new 20-month low against the US dollar for a few hours. Now the yen has settled back to the 83 yen to $1 USD range, meh.

    USD vs JPY chart 2012 dec 18.


    Incoming Japan PM in Obama-Bush gaffe
    AFP News –2012dec18
    Japan’s presumptive premier Shinzo Abe got his US leaders mixed up, when he told business chiefs he had been speaking to “President Bush” after a phone call from Barack Obama
    Abe, who was prime minister in 2006-7 during the final years of George W. Bush’s presidency, quickly realised his error when assembled journalists and business leader began chuckling
    Business chiefs had been kept waiting for Abe, who turned up around an hour latemore

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